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Educatly’s Student Ambassadors will relay their study abroad experiences to new students, helping them make decisions regarding which countries, universities or degrees to choose.


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Benefits of Educatly’s
Student Ambassador Internship
There are numerous benefits to being part of Educatly's Student Ambassador Program. Below are just a few!

Support Others

Our Student Ambassadors are motivated students, currently studying at university, who want to support other students from their own demographics, to make decisions based on their study abroad journeys – all while being paid!

Work anytime, anywhere

Share your experiences, engage with students and organise referrals on our easy-to-use social media platform.

Earn as you learn

Progress through the Student Ambassador journey and earn points for helping students. These points can be cashed out as money directly into your bank account, once you reach certain levels.

Get an internship completion certificate

You will get a completion certificate once you complete 3 months or more which you can use to land in your next job

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What does a Student Ambassador do?
Supporting students on their journey to studying abroad can look like this:
Support Qualified Students
On daily basis, many interested students apply to Educatly. An Ambassador helps to process them, collecting data and determining their qualifications.
Helping them apply
Next, you will help them with the application, share with them our many guides on how to write a cover letter, what documents they need etc.
Post about your experience
Share on social media about your experience studying abroad, your daily life, your city... exciting, right?!
Find their perfect program abroad
Now that you have a better understanding of what they're looking for, you will browse through the opportunities that Educatly offers and find the most suitable for them.
Help Students Integrate
By helping a student to find the right accommodation, picking them up from the airport, or taking them on a city or university tour, the students could feel connected
Build Communities for Students
Creating physical and virtual communities is essential to establishing support systems in every corner of the world

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